Is Twitter Still A Journalists’ Platform?

Despite the politicization of Twitter, it remains a popular platform for journalists – which means it should also be the same for media relations pros.

Muck Rack recently partnered with 14 journalist organizations to survey more than 2,200 journalists about the biggest trends and challenges facing the industry in 2023.

The 2023 State of Journalism report had interesting findings – including some about Twitter usage:

  • While most journalists get their news from online newspapers, 90 percent responded they are also still Twitter users.
  • Of those, 78 percent reported it’s their most valuable social media platform.
  • While half say they’ve considered getting away from Twitter, a third of them said they’ll spend even more time on Twitter in the coming year (compared with 28 percent who said less, and the rest staying the same).

Jim Bianchi, president of our Detroit-headquartered Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) affiliate Bianchi Public Relations, noted:  “So whether we like the platform’s ways or not, as PR pros, we still seem to need to be on Twitter.”

Landis Communications, Inc., (LCI) our PRGN San Francisco-based affiliate, also has some thoughts on the Muck Rack report.

LCI stated:  “The majority use Twitter to follow the news, promote their work, find sources, and connect with other journalists and their and their audience/readers.  It’s clear Twitter remains a vital platform for engaging with media.”

We agree – and it’s just one sliver of the social media world.  If you need help navigating the social media platforms, please let us know.

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at Mar 28, 2023

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