Is There a Right Way to Collaborate?

A collaborative work environment not only strengthens your team, but also provides the opportunity for other perspectives and viewpoints to be heard. A successful team collaboration capitalizes on each other’s knowledge and expertise, but is there a right way to collaborate? The U.S. Office of Personnel Management outlines six essential practices to creating a collaborative environment:

  1. Have a Common Purpose and Goal

Each team member brings their expertise to the table so when joined together, can reach a common goal. This may require a discussion around why the team exists or what actions can be prioritized to help each other.

  1. Trust Each Other

Trust among team members involves honesty and eliminates a mindset of competition.

  1. Clarify Roles

Developing, understanding, and respecting the roles of everyone involved can help create a more collaborative team environment.

  1. Communicate Openly and Effectively

Reinforcing open communication and clearing up misunderstandings accurately and efficiently can all lead to a more constructive and collaborative work environment.

  1. Appreciate Diversity

Appreciate the unique characteristics, backgrounds, and perspectives of everyone on the team.

  1. Balance the Team’s Focus

Monitoring internal group dynamics, such as reviewing the effectiveness of team meetings or celebrating accomplishments, is important for maintaining a balance between team member relationships and the reason itself for working together.

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at Sep 7, 2023

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