Is Slow and Steady Effective?

As professional communicators, we are often thrust into scenarios where quick decisions have to be made to protect a brand or company’s reputation.  The issue and crisis management expertise can be a saving grace when a company faces a communications attack or has become involved in some sort of controversy.

Being prepared for such situations is just as important as establishing a presence among your target audiences before it happens.  It’s where a well thought-out, proactive communications plan can help set the foundation and establish your good reputation.

Thought-leadership, proactive media relations and connected community relations programs all come to mind as ways to start and sustain a strong communications effort.  Sometimes it’s not flashy – but effective.

Slow And Steady Approach

Retired neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. John S. Kitchin, M.D., is recognized for his real-life slow and steady approach.  He’s known as “Slomo” and has been roller-blading up and down San Diego’s boardwalk for decades.  He skates in slow motion to a soundtrack wired into earbuds that only he can hear, steadily moving to his own inspirational tunes.

When I stopped him recently to chat, he reluctantly told me I was interrupting his interpretation of “How Great Thou Art,” performed in Arabic.

Slomo’s strong, steady approach to his personal daily routine has earned him worldwide recognition.

That same well-designed and orchestrated communications plan implemented in a methodical and strategic way can have the same positive results for virtually any organization – before you are faced with snap decisions in a crisis mode.


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at Sep 22, 2021

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