Is Reputation a Side Effect of PR?

In a field that is so commonly misunderstood, public relations remains an important part of business – regardless of industry.

In a successful campaign, PR pros act as the messenger by listening to the brand, crafting newsworthy content and sharing it with the right audience. This strategic communication builds a stronger bond between the brand and its stakeholders.

Many may wrongfully reduce this down to damage control or story spinning when in actuality, reputation management is one of the pillars of PR.

A key element of reputation management is media relations. A component of that is proactively sharing important information, news or tips from real industry experts.  When you see one of our clients quoted in an article, the chances are that we have built a relationship with the journalist who, over time, trusts us to connect them with knowledgeable industry leaders. Journalists are always looking for trusted sources to cite. When we provide them with quality sources, they can offer their audience a wider insight to a certain topic.

It is vitally important for consumers to understand and evaluate the credibility of their news sources, as noted in this recent blog post about news literacy.

Since content like this – if vetted as a credible source – is coming from a trusted news outlet and not directly from a company, the media, and ultimately their readers, listeners or viewers, can be assured that all information is factual. This allows your company to gain more credibility with a wider audience, while also getting ahead of the competition.

Which once again leads us to the end goal of a successful public relations campaign – connecting and communicating with a targeted audience.

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at Jul 8, 2021

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