Is Organic Social Sharing Right for Your Brand?

I recently attended a PR Newswire webinar titled Innovative Methods for Strengthening Your Brand’s Story with panelists Lindsay Capurro, Tudor Mihailescu and Joseph Rhoton. The panel discussed value creation, amplifying organic social sharing and what their organizations are trying to accomplish in new and different ways before the end of 2023.

A key topic of discussion was how organizations can break through the noise of a busy digital space and convey messages through engagement with their own communities. Focusing on harnessing organic social sharing and user-generated content may be an effective way to engage your community about a particular initiative. Additionally, panelists offered insight on strategies for ensuring stakeholders, partners, internal team members, etc. can communicate these messages to audiences effectively.

One strategy is the collaboration between an organization and an individual. In the example given by Mihailescu, an Eastern European tech conference provided compelling visuals and key messaging for a venture capital investor in Silicon Valley to share on LinkedIn to generate engagement before the event. The organization provided the messaging; however, the individual was still able to convey the messaging in a personalized way that could resonate with his audience. Organizations can benefit from the potential growth or engagement with audiences organic social sharing can provide.

This approach can be an innovative way to strengthen a brand. Joseph Rhoton, Senior Director of Strategy for PR Newswire, offered insight from a technology perspective. Surveys have shown that many people are willing to share about a particular product or organization via social media but don’t because of lack of time, inspiration to create a compelling post or fear of spreading misinformation. Organizations can encourage employees, stakeholders, partners and community members to share key messages by providing suggested posts and graphics.

Organic social sharing is an effective way for organizations to engage with their own communities. If you’re interested in engaging with your community, contact HMA.

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at Nov 3, 2023

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