Is Ben & Jerry’s More Than Ice Cream?

As we pass the year mark since George Floyd’s murder, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) continues to be on many people’s minds. We’re wondering if brands and organizations have followed through on their initiatives and promises. One brand that stood out within the last year for its continued messaging in support from Black Lives Matter and dismantling white supremacy is Ben & Jerry’s.

But why has Ben & Jerry’s messaging been so well received among its audience? Ben & Jerry’s PR Pro, Sean Greenwood, recently shared at Ragan’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Virtual Conference the four pillars that has made the brand’s statements effective.

  1. You can’t wait too long to speak up.
  2. The stark language of the statement against white supremacy was able to break through.
  3. Offer concrete steps your organization will take or support to address the issues. Ben & Jerry’s called for several legislative actions and other reforms.
  4. Be able to show how you are taking action internally to root out systematic oppression and racism. For example, Ben & Jerry’s works to support Black farmers who have been denied resources over generations, leading to an underrepresentation in the farms that Ben & Jerry’s can partner with for ingredients in its products.

The fifth pillar that I would add to Greenwood’s tips is the importance of authenticity. Ben & Jerry’s has continued to speak out, educate and take action in support of equal rights, social and economic justice and environmental protection, and restoration and regeneration. Further proving, that the brand is sticking true to their values, listening to their audience and staying true to their promises.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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at Jun 4, 2021

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