Is Arizona Hosting the Perfect Event?

For more than 40 years, HMA Public Relations has prided itself on helping coordinate programming, media relations and/or digital communications programs for some of Arizona’s leading events, including the Fiesta Bowl, Arizona Gives Day, Violins of Hope, multiple Super Bowls, the Circle K Tempe Music Festival and so many more.

Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to judge an event’s success. That being said, there is an event happening right now at State Farm Stadium, with smaller connected events at locales across Arizona. That event: COVID-19 vaccinations.

Multiple members of our staff have been lucky enough to receive vaccinations at this “event.” And each of us “ticket holders” has been pleasantly surprised at the organization and efficiency with which the national guard, medical personnel, security and volunteers are providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is nothing like coming together at the end of a successful event and toasting one’s team on a job well done, often with little sleep and despite hiccups every few minutes. Given this isn’t possible for most volunteers and staff working tirelessly to help our state right now, we wanted to take a moment and – from one group of event folks to another – give a tip of the virtual hat.

Kudos and keep up the good work!

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at Feb 25, 2021

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