Is Influencer Marketing Just the New Celebrity Endorsement?

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Zillennial- the term used to describe those of us that are part of the revolution of tech, still had a landline in the home and likely learned how to use Microsoft Office in school. Split between the 90s and 00s, we were among the first to use technology every day, found and watched YouTube videos and might have been a fan of iCarly, a popular TV show about a girl who hosted a web-show with her friends.

We had not heard the term influencer, but we were definitely seeing people on social media gaining in popularity. Whether through sharing personal stories via video or posting photos, these content creators with niche interests began amassing a following that we now refer to as influencer status.

But what is influencer status? Social Media Today, along with many other websites, have said that influencers have been around for generations.  We just might recognize that as a celebrity endorsement. Celebrities have long been endorsing products, with the brands hoping that adoring fans would purchase whichever product they were pitching.

In today’s world, influencer marketing is the new celebrity endorsement.  To be a good influencer require great content, engagement with fans and a passion for a niche interest.  And it’s not necessarily about the numbers.  Even those with small social media followings can be an influencer if their followers respond well to the content.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash
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at Jan 26, 2021

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