In the House With….Laurie Munn

Adrian and I launched Copper State of Mind in March 2021 as an opportunity to discuss the role of strategic public relations counsel and to provide helpful information to executives and directors of marketing and communications who want to increase the effectiveness of their public relations and marketing campaigns.

From messaging and media relations to content strategy and crisis management, we have emphasized that the dollars your organization spends on integrated marketing communications are an investment that helps boost your brand, break through the noise and drive business results.

We thought we’d turn the microphone around and invite in some of those executives and marcom directors to talk about the role of the in-house communications team and when and how they make the decision to bring in outside resources to support their efforts.

Our first guest on this limited series In the House With…. is Laurie Munn, director of marketing and communications at Mercy Care, a local, non-profit, Medicaid managed care health plan that serves approximately half a million Arizonans. She’s responsible for all aspects of Mercy Care’s communications. Laurie’s corporate communications background spans 25 years, and includes public and media relations, internal and external communications and marketing.

Prior to beginning her communications career, Laurie spent nine years in television news as a news producer, assignment editor, special projects producer and managing editor.  And that’s when we first met, more than 30 years ago.

She shared some great insight into how she makes the decision about if-and-when to bring in outside counsel, saying that it is about recognizing the strengths of your in-house team and having the mindset to be open to bringing in a fresh perspective.

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at May 25, 2022

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