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Last week, we discovered that the average person uses social media almost two and a half hours every day.  So, it only makes sense to continually evaluate and improve your social media strategy to ensure you are putting out the most effective social media content for your brand.

PR Daily suggests that meme marketing is a fun and spontaneous way to do so.

If you don’t already know, a meme is any piece of content like a video, hashtag or most commonly, a photo with supplementing text that becomes viral.  Sharing this type of content makes your target audience view you as a more relatable brand.

The article lays out some tips to create a successful meme such as considering the types of memes that resonate with your target audience, timing your post because meme culture moves at breakneck pace, and staying true to your brand choice.

We can see the effectiveness of meme marketing through the longest-running number one song, Old Town Road.  The song gained popularity when rapper Lil Nas X paired it with a clip from a video game called Red Dead Redemption 2.

The combination of the country/hip-hop song and the funny cowboy video struck a chord with many young music listeners, because he knew most young music listeners enjoyed genre blending.

But even with great content and an audience, it is still hard to navigate the ever-changing trends of social media. The artist of the record-breaking song anticipated this and released a series of memes to help his song go viral.

Seeing the success of this song I would agree that if you are thinking of creating a meme you should decide if it is appropriate for your audience, create the content now before it’s too late, and stay consistent with your message.

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Marissa Baker
Marissa Baker
Native to Phoenix, Marissa has recently moved back to continue her career in communication. On the weekends you can find her in the first row at a concert, or exploring hiking trails.

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