How to Make Your Feed Fun

While it may be cold now, the spring season is set to begin in about a month which means it is the perfect time to freshen up your social media. Sometimes you may be unsure of what to do on your social media other than post a photo or two.

But there are easy solutions to make your channels more fun and show your followers a new side of your brand or company.



Ask Me Anything (AMA) began on the social media site Reddit and quickly gained popularity. It is essentially an online question and answer session that allows an interviewee to educate and engage with users or promote a new product or service. AMA’s are easier than conducting a formal interview and are a great way to utilize Instagram features like the question tab on stories that allows you to answer questions from followers, or the live feature where you are able to answer user questions in real time. If you are not interested in an AMA, you could always do a 24 hour Instagram takeover where individuals can give your followers a perspective of their everyday life.


Make a Meme

There is no easier way to make your followers laugh than with a meme. Since there is a new meme almost every week, it is important to act fast and tailor the meme specifically to your brand or company. Last month, HMA joined the fun with one of the biggest memes recently, Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration.


Start a Series

Series are a great way to share stories on topics important to you. Sharing a daily, weekly or monthly series on social media can keep viewers engaged and allow you to schedule ahead in advance. Through our blog, HMA has been able to create a series like #MediaMonday, where we highlight individuals in media and allow them to share their stories. HMA also publishes blogs in other series like #WhatIsWednesday or #FunFactFriday. Creating a series with original content is a fantastic way to make your presence more eventful.

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at Feb 19, 2021

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