How to Grow Your Brand on Facebook

Facebook is and likely will remain one of the more popular social media platforms.  In part, because it is relatively easy to use, allows you to share photos and content that you think others will find interesting, and has a worldwide reach. So arguably, you can pretty much find anyone you want through the search function on Facebook.

Facebook estimates that there are currently 2.9 billion monthly active users and somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 million active business pages. Those numbers are hard to ignore if you are looking to grow your business using social media.

But like any platform, if you are going to consider using Facebook to engage with customers and potential customers, you need to develop and execute a communication strategy.

Virtually all businesses can benefit from a presence on Facebook. Facebook offers a variety of tools that should be considered, such as boosted content, paid advertising, Facebook groups, among others that provide a solid foundation for engaging with your customers.  Its ownership of WhatsApp and Instagram provides even additional reach.

Growing your brand on Facebook, which launched on February 4, 2004, is the topic of this week’s Copper State of Mind. Give it a listen.

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at Feb 2, 2022

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