How to Create Videos on Canva

Previously on the blog I discussed the impact of introducing videos to your social media feed. Additionally, Autumn has also offered her best tips for navigating the graphic design platform Canva.  If you are looking to create stunning videos that are sure to wow your followers and clients, check out these tips for video making on Canva!

Utilize Templates

The templates offered by Canva are quite stylish and with thousands of different ones to choose from, you are sure to find the best one for your purpose. Using these templates, simply insert your text and images to create the perfect video to post on your social media. Can’t find a template that you like, don’t worry, it is easy to create your own.

Add Your Own Media

If you already have images or videos to use but would like to spice it up with some visual elements, then Canva is the perfect place for you. Canva users can easily upload their own footage or images to their Canva library that can then accessed for your videos. Once uploaded, customize your media by resizing it, adding a frame or applying a filter.

Use the Animation Tool

The animate tab on the top of the editing screen is perfect for your videos as it allows you to create smooth transitions for both images and text. It also gives videos a more professional and three-dimensional look rather than just looking like a regular slideshow. As simple as your video may be, these animations can breathe life into them and tell a story.

Try Adding Music

Canva offers an abundance of music for all moods that will fit perfectly in your video. Simply type in what type of music you are looking for on the search tab and start listening. My personal favorite keywords to search for are “lounge,” “upbeat” and “happy.”Music is an underrated element to a social media video and can take yours to the next level.

Whether you are making a tutorial, a product demo or promoting a new deal, try using video to relay your message! While video making may seem intimidating, with the help of Canva and their useful tools, you are sure to create the perfect video for your social media.

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at Jul 13, 2021

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