How To Connect With Stakeholders

PR agencies and corporate communications teams often pride themselves on ensuring that their clients connect with their stakeholders and advocates.

The Green Bay Packers take it a step further.

I recently received a postcard from the legendary NFL team offering an opportunity to purchase stock in the team. I’m already a shareholder (since 2011), so I chalk-up me receiving the mailing as an easy mark!

This common stock offering does not constitute an investment in “stock” in the common sense of the term. Purchasers are cautioned that they should not purchase common stock with the purpose of making a profit.

Instead, interested parties can spend $300 for each share of stock as a way to show their support of the team – strictly as a fan.  That’s buy-in!

While we don’t have a chance to play in the Super Bowl, the HMA team is an expert in connecting its clients with their target audiences.  There are many ways to get to the endzone.  To learn more, check out our areas of expertise.

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at Jan 4, 2022

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