How To Be Cool

I was driving around recently listening to the radio when the host commented about how his high school yearbook had some relevance some 40 years later.

It’s the middle of the summer.  It’s blazing hot.  Yet thumbing through old yearbooks you’ll find acquaintances and friends-of-the-day commenting with things like “Stay cool” and “Have a great summer.”

Just because it’s toasty outside doesn’t mean business comes to a halt in the desert during these triple-digit days.  Covid made it okay for our teams to not have to venture out of their homes if they choose not to.  Virtual client meetings are now more of the norm than in-person meetings.  Not only does it help prevent burning your hands on your car’s steering wheel, it’s a more efficient use of our time.

These hot summer months are, in fact, a time when we are strategizing with clients about upcoming initiatives, planning for the next few months and making sure our messaging remains on point with our clients’ target audiences.

Companies who embrace the regular and ongoing communications process are definitely “the cool kids.”

If you want to some sizzle added to your company’s communications, please reach out to us.   You won’t get burned.

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at Aug 1, 2023

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