How is a Media Win Like a TikTok Trend?

Fun fact about me: I do not have TikTok.

Another fun fact: I watch a lot of TikTok videos. A lot.

That is because I have Instagram, Facebook, and Threads. If there is a hot TikTok video or trend, it is almost always re-posted to all of those platforms, usually by hundreds of thousands of users.

It got me to thinking about major earned media wins. All too often, the big win appears in the one targeted outlet. And that is great. However, it should be amplified across multiple platforms and repeatedly so folks who aren’t “in the know” about that one outlet get a chance to see the win. It should be amplified the way a TikTok trend is boldly and broadly across every channel that makes sense.

When HMA works with a client, we certainly focus on the big media wins. But part of being a strategic communications agency is also helping recommend means to amplify wins to their target audiences in myriad ways. We help the placement find the people!

Here are some examples of what we might recommend for you should you get a brilliant media placement.

First, thank the journalist who wrote it. If there is an editor or producer who worked on it, send them a note as well. Include hashtags and social media information for them should they want to share it on their platforms. Be sure to like and follow the outlet’s digital communication channels as well; monitor them to see if they share the placement and re-share as is appropriate.

Next, post the placement to your website. (Don’t have an “in the news” or “media love” section of your website? Let us help you with that.)

Now, create posts for the brand’s social media channels, paying attention to intricacies of posting on each. For many, this means Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and X at a minimum. But if the brand has a blog, think of a story that can incorporate the media win and amplify it there as well. If there is a brand LinkedIn, surely post it there, too.

Moving on to empowering the team to share the win. Create easy posts for them to share on their professional channels, which is usually LinkedIn and sometimes Threads or X as well.

Have a newsletter? Email for brand loyalists or stakeholders? Showcase the media win in your communications to them. Also be sure to save it for any annual report or end-of-year emails, reels, posts, or similar communications as well.

Need help earning those media wins and amplifying them? Connect with us to get started. Want to convince me to download TikTok? Go for it here.

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at Oct 5, 2023

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