How Has the Pandemic Changed the Way You Shop?

How has the pandemic changed the way consumers consume? This is the question Snapchat has been exploring over the past year to keep up with the competition.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram use artificial intelligence (AI) to fill your feed with gadgets that fit your personality and encourage you to order something online. They use different tools to gauge, test and track your interest in certain products. This is more of an outbound marketing technique seen when consumers scroll through our feeds to connect with families and friends.

Snapchat has found a way to promote products on its platform by attracting consumers that are ready to buy. In a recent study, Snapchat found that over the next four years, there will be a nearly 40% increase in use of augmented reality (AR) among consumers. The platform is now beta-testing two new AR features to help connect those willing to spend money on purchases.

On its new shopping tab, Snapchat will analyze your screenshots and populate a list of items that you can buy that are similar to what is found in the photo. Another new feature being tested uses your device’s camera to allow users to virtually “try-on” different clothes or “test out” appliances.

Good news for marketers as they continue to find ways to engage with consumers in a more authentic way.

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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at Jul 16, 2021

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