How Do You Multi-Task?

Multi-tasking–working on multiple tasks at once and splitting your attention between each–can be a difficult skill to learn. Some people are naturally good at it, which as a public relations practitioner can be quite useful. In public relations or any profession where there are multiple projects to tend to on a given day, organizing your schedule, prioritizing your tasks, and managing your time are essential to working productively and efficiently.

As I take on more and more responsibilities at HMA, I am coming to appreciate the skills needed to handle multiple tasks at once. Here are a couple ways that I find helpful when it comes to multi-tasking:

Make Lists

Some tasks require immediate attention, while others might be ongoing and can be completed within a week or two. Making lists categorized by due date can help keep things in order. At the end of each day, regroup and create a to-do list for the next day.

Allocate Your Time

Try carving out time in your schedule to work on projects and take mini-breaks in between. Add a task to your calendar as if it were a scheduled meeting. You can try categorizing your time, too, such as by client or by project. For example, spending two hours working on only one project, or two hours working on all projects for one client. Alison shared some additional tips here.

Discover What Works Best for You

Ultimately, trial and error are what will help you discover what works best for you.

If contacting a public relations agency is on your task list, click here to reach out to HMA–we want to hear from you.

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at Jul 25, 2023

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