How Do I Navigate the Ethical Landscape of PR?

Drawing insight from the PRSA Code of Ethics—which states advocacy, loyalty, fairness, honesty, independence and expertise—it made me wonder what my personal code of ethics is in the public relations landscape and how individuals can navigate what is right for them.

While I wholeheartedly agree with the PRSA Code, part of being a PR practitioner is understanding one’s own priorities as an advocator and sacrificing self-interest for not only the client, but also the greater good of society as it relates to the media.

As PR professionals, and drawing from my own personal code of ethics, we need to be at the heart of upholding values of honesty, integrity and fairness in order to maintain the balance between the client and public media. This can be achieved in several ways that will never lead you astray from your inner moral code, which include:

Respect Privacy.

Confidentiality is key. Respecting the wishes of your client and the media is one of the responsibilities of being a PR professional.

Be Honest.

Be honest with yourself, the client and the media. At the end of the day, telling the full truth will never come back to bite you.

Have Goodwill.

Another key component to being a respectable PR pro (and human being) is to approach every campaign with good intentions.

If you have additional insights that reflect your code of ethics—in whatever profession you identify with—we’d love to hear them!

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at Mar 29, 2023

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