How Do Arizonans Engage with Media in 2024?

It’s that time again where The Arizona Media Association reveals the current perceptions of media across our state and the media habits of Arizonans on TV, radio, print, or digital platforms. To find the 2024 numbers for the study, AMA enlisted the expertise of SmithGeiger, an independent research firm which conducted 1,235 interviews with consumers who live across Arizona, aged 18 and above.

Upon reading the report, key figures jumped out to me across multiple channels that reveal telling signs on local media consumption of today. These perceptions can shape our efforts to help reach target audiences and engage locally in a better way.

Media Trust

  • Local TV, AM/FM radio, and newspapers were revealed as the most truthful media sources, with mixed sentiments across ages 18-34, 55+, and differing political affiliations.
  • In Arizona, almost 50% expressed high trust in local news and 86% have a neutral or higher opinion.

Social Media

  • YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram remain the most dominant social media platforms used by respondents as others decline. 18-34 and 55+ trends on social media are different, while 35-54 mixes habits from both to represent Gen-X.
  • X/Twitter and Pinterest both fell 10+ pts this year’s study compared to last year’s, especially in 55+ demographic, both dropping 17 points. The biggest drop was for Truth Social, which fell 17 points.

TV and Digital Media

  • 56% of respondents are consumers with live streaming and cable TV, while 35% are consumers with no cable or antenna.
  • Compared to last year, streaming services boosted their growth. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Disney+ remain at the top.
  • Paid streaming usage made up most of the TV media use for respondents. Local TV receives an average total of 4h and 31m of usage from Arizonans across digital, linear and social.
  • Local print brands are seeing continued growth on digital platforms in 2024 while print keeps select audiences.

One big finding on news consumption was the emphasis on the current era of “fragmentation and niche media use,” as respondents frequently multi-task, relying on multiple sources of news and media from multiple platforms throughout the day.  According to the study, most of this consumption is on a mobile smartphone or a laptop.

Curious about Arizonans’ daily media habits and the time they spend on each platform? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Watching local TV: 3 hours and 22 minutes
  • Streaming video on paid subscription services: 2 hours and 54 minutes
  • Listening to local AM/FM radio: 2 hours and 50 minutes
  • Streaming local radio: 2 hours and 34 minutes
  • Streaming video on free services: 2 hours and 7 minutes
  • Listening to national or local podcasts: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Reading a local digital newspaper or magazine: 1 hour and 10 minutes
  • Reading a local print newspaper or magazine: 44 minutes
  • Reading a local digital-only publication: 41 minutes

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at May 9, 2024

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