How Can PR and Advertising Work Together?

While advertising and public relations are very different, there are ways the two worlds can collide. Both strategies can help to build your brand and communicate with target audiences.

For example, if a company is launching a new product line, that is a potential story to pitch the media. If wanting to promote deals surrounding the launch, paid ad placements might be the better route. Public relations and advertising efforts can accomplish different goals that ultimately work together to support the overall brand.

Nike is a good example of a brand that uses public relations and advertising to communicate its messaging and products. The brand uses PR strategies to highlight collaborations, partnerships, new program announcements and more. And through visually appealing and thought-provoking advertising campaigns, Nike is able to reach consumers in a variety of ways.

Public relations efforts are long-term investments that help to build a positive reputation for the company–one that audiences trust and respect. Combining advertising and public relations efforts can be an effective way to satisfy your long-term goals while driving sales or promoting your brand through paid placements.

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at Aug 15, 2023

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