How AI Is Changing Our Navigation

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Now, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing how we navigate our lives through Google Maps in several different ways, giving us a glimpse of what matters most to users online.

Google Maps aims to streamline the user experience through the power of AI, recently announcing upcoming features coming to the global platform that seek to make our lives easier.

One of the ways Google Maps is doing this is by taking visual search to the next level. Previously on the blog, I discussed how more users in the online sphere, especially younger audiences, are looking for visual results first in search and turning to social media apps such as TikTok, which provides visual results instantly, over using Google Search in their online browser.

Now, Google Maps is embracing visual search within its platform to provide photo-first results that seek to help users find inspiration in a new way. When looking for what you want, Maps will then perform an analysis of billions of photos provided by the community in Google Maps and give you the ones that suit your search.

And visually, the platform’s new immersive view will give a detailed preview of what navigation looks like whether you are driving, walking or biking. This feature is available now in select cities worldwide.

Google isn’t just embracing the importance of immersive online experiences, but also embracing augmented reality, (AR). With your camera, the new Lens in Maps feature uses your camera to identify the places and objects around you from ATMs to stores to restaurants. Along with AI, more and more brands have embraced the use of AR in their marketing tools to connect with the public in new ways.

Another note for electric car users, the platform will also help save you the stress by now providing information on car charger capability with their car, if chargers are fast, and last use of a charger.

Google Maps is likely just one of the platforms you might use on a daily basis that is rolling out new features utilizing AI. As Maps continues to embrace features heavily influenced by the virtual experience, it is more important than ever to make your online presence a focus of your business.

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at Nov 17, 2023

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