On this #TBT, we wanted to share some history as #HMATurns40.  This is sort of our version of the TV show How I Met Your Mother.

Our agency was founded by Ed Moser in 1980 as Ed Moser & Associates.  After moving to the Valley following his graduation from The Ohio State University a few years earlier, Ed began a successful career working in PR in the Valley at a few agency and corporate jobs.  He viewed this new agency as his chance to run his own show, complete with a few manual typewriters and a great reputation as a PR pro and community leader.  It led to locating the offices at 36th Street and Campbell in Phoenix that featured a spiral staircase and loft that served as the conference room.  It was an ‘80s version of Mad Men, with stacks of newspapers, a new-fangled phone system that featured speed-dial and a few smoke-filled offices.

Among the notable clients he had at the onset was Phoenix Transit System, which provided public transit service for the city of Phoenix.  Phoenix Transit System, whether it was through a private contractor agreement or a municipal RFP process, remained an agency client for some two decades.

In 1991, Ed decided he no longer wanted to be in the PR business and sold the agency to me and I changed the name to Hanson, Moser & Associates (clever, right?).   After a few months, several new-client wins, an expiring lease and the addition of staff, the agency needed more space.  On top of that – the only way to access the Hanson, Moser & Associates offices on the second floor at the 36th Street and Campbell location was via a series of staircases. It was not compliant with the Americans for Disabilities Act.  With the agency’s growing work in the public sector, not being able to meet government-required accessible regulations was a problem.

Due to its somewhat central location in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, it was important for the new office to be in the same area. A relocation to a nearby office also meant the agency would be able to keep its original phone number, (602) 957-8881, which at the time was critically important for current and future clients.  After a lengthy search, the agency relocated to its current location in Whitton Place at 3610 N. 44th St., Suite 110, in 1994.
To kick-off the new century in 2000, the agency’s name was changed to HMA Public Relations.

We’re still located on North 44th Street, smoking is no longer allowed in office buildings and most of our calls are made via cell phone.  We still deliver great client service and are proud of the many successes that have been a part of our 40-year history.
To quote legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite, “And that’s the way it is, today, February 27, 2020.”

Editor’s note: shortly after this posting, HMA learned of the passing of Ed Moser.  His obituary can be seen here.

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at Feb 27, 2020

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