Have We Ever Compromised Our Integrity?

I spoke recently to a crisis communications class at the University of Arizona.  After I shared some stories from our work in crisis communications, provided some do’s and don’ts, I entertained questions from the students.

And what good questions!

  • Can Will Smith repair his reputation, will there be new guidelines now for live television broadcasts, what happens next?
  • Have I ever had to compromise my integrity when working with a client – any time but especially in a crisis situation?
  • What happens when your client has done wrong – do you still work with them?
  • Have I ever fired a client?
  • What reasons would there be NOT to work with a client?
  • What makes a good client?

I spent the remainder of the class answering these questions, among others.  And I thought they were so good that I continued the conversation with Adrian on Copper State of Mind this week.

Give it a listen.

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at Apr 13, 2022

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