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Happy Halloween from HMA! What better to get you in the spirit for this spooky holiday than a trip to some of the most haunted places in the Valley. From ghosts roaming the halls to bone-chilling, icy-cold rooms, check out what you can expect at these eerie local haunts!

Hermosa Inn

The original owner of this inn, Alonzo Megarrgee, has been seen haunting the bar and foyer, decked out in full cowboy garb. Toilets also flush on their own and glasses shatter when nobody is around.

Pioneer Living History Museum

Keep an ear out for children singing in the old school house, shadows creeping around in the Opera House and an inexplicable, year-long freezing cold attic.

Orpheum Theater

Multiple show-goers have also been known to spot a spirit named Mattie, who is usually spotted on the balcony in mid-twentieth century clothing. She’s even been recorded by Debe Branning of The MVD Ghostchasers!

Hotel San Carlos

One notable ghost in particular, known as Leone Jenson, is said to roam the halls. In the 1920s, she jumped off the roof and her spirit still makes appearances there today.

Rosson House

Operating today as a museum, this spot is home to stories of multiple ghosts haunting the halls – from mysterious footsteps coming down the stairs to doors locking on their own. If you’re visiting after a trip to the chilly attic at the Pioneer Living History Museum, stand by one of the fireplaces and warm up with a mysterious phantom heat that radiates from them.

If these are out of your way, check out other haunted houses across the state to find one closer to you. Make sure to leave us a comment if you visit any of these local haunts and let us know if you spot any ghosts!



Annelise Krafft
Annelise Krafft
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