Hats Off to the Sponsors

Special events, from charity golf tournaments and galas to the Super Bowl and Indy 500, rely heavily on sponsors for their financial success.

Ensuring that the sponsors get the exposure they have signed-up for can be a challenge.

Motorsports present an even trickier task.  The vehicles, usually adorned with sponsors’ logos, go so fast during the event that it’s often difficult to see any of them until the race is over.

That’s when the fun begins for the winning driver, who during his media interviews, may change hats multiple times.   While I understand why, it always cracks me up to see the “sponsorship guy” standing next to the driver and giving him a new hat showcasing a different sponsor every couple minutes.

The drivers get it.  And the good ones always thank their “sponsor,” “sponsor” team and the “sponsor,” “sponsor,” “sponsor” race car for performing so well.

When it happens, it’s apparent that all of the driver’s media training sessions have paid off.  Getting the key messages into the conversation in what appears to be an effortless manner goes a long way in satisfying both the sponsors and the fans.

It’s subtle.  And effective. And not by accident.

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at Jun 7, 2022

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