Has the Storm Cleared?

Brainstorming is an important step to developing a communications plan or executing a PR campaign. It’s an opportunity to be collaborative with the client and other PR pros. Just like pitching, writing, and media relations are all important pieces to the puzzle, so is getting creative in your thinking.

Here are a few helpful tips to fostering the brainstorming stage:

Discovery from the Client

If brainstorming for a campaign launch, it’s not only our job to ask the questions, but also seek the answers. Getting the information you need, setting goals, discovering what it is the client is hoping to achieve with your communications plan, and ultimately working together with the client sets the stage for outlining and brainstorming strategies.

Be Realistic

With these goals in mind and with the information you have, outline the parameters of the campaign or communications plan so the ideas that spur from your brainstorming sessions are realistic.

Many Brainstorming Sessions

Everyone is different, which means everyone brainstorms differently. Try brainstorming in different creative settings, such as alone with no distractions, collaborative group settings with other PR pros, one-on-one with a coworker, or seek advice from an experienced professional to generate new ideas. A combination of these different settings could lead you to a concrete, finished product.

Plan Next Steps

Once you’ve settled on an idea, plan next steps to put your idea into action. While brainstorming is important, it usually takes place in the first stage of development. What comes next is execution.

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at Aug 9, 2023

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