Grow Your Brand with Instagram

There has been a lot in the news over the past couple days regarding Instagram.  Parent company Meta confirmed Tuesday that it is limiting the spread of content shaped by the Russian government across its platforms. The company will suppress the algorithmic spread of content shared by Russian state-linked Facebook pages and Instagram accounts and downrank posts containing links to those outlets.

In addition, Instagram announced that they are adding auto-generated captions to the videos in your feed.

And Adrian and I knew none of that when we recorded this week’s episode of Copper State of Mind. Proving once again just how quickly the social media platforms can change.  And for a brand that is using Instagram (or any of the other platforms for that matter), it is imperative that not only do you understand your brand voice and positioning, but you understand the ins and outs of the platform.  And recognize that that platform itself has much of the control over how, when and what content users will see.

Our discussion on growing your brand with Instagram is the last in the “Grow Your Brand” series. We share our thoughts and opinions about this photo-sharing site and how this very visual medium can be a benefit to your organization.

Give it a listen.

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at Mar 2, 2022

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