Grow Your Brand on Twitter

It has been a little over 13 years since I joined Twitter.  It was about 8 p.m. on Dec. 31 (a very exciting New Year’s Eve that year!) that I decided it was about time.  I had been active on LinkedIn and Facebook, it was time to give the blue bird a try.

Back then, the vast majority of users were personal accounts.  Sure, some of us used it to promote our business or projects we were involved in, but the postings were coming from our own account (@AbbieF if you want to follow me).  But like all social media, it has evolved and like all social media, has become an important part of a business’ communications strategy.

There is a lot to like about Twitter and there is a lot to dislike as well.

But with the right strategy and an empowered community management team, there are plenty of opportunities to use this fast-paced social media platform to grow your business.

This is the third in our Copper State of Mind “grow your brand” series.  We’ve discussed LinkedIn and Facebook and will tackle Instagram next.

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at Feb 16, 2022

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