Good Sportsmanship is Good Business

The handshake is a well-documented, globally-approved way to greet others in a business environment.
That same handshake can also be used to wrap-up a meeting, social event or athletic contest – no matter how bitter the battle.
Handshake lines form after every National Hockey League Stanley Cup playoff series concludes.  It’s not a rule, just a cherished custom emanating from deep in hockey’s past more than 100 years ago.  It is among sports’ most overt demonstrations of respect for the competition.
There’s no doubt, competition drives many things – including business.
Business doesn’t have to be nasty.  It doesn’t have to be unethical or classless.  It doesn’t have to be win-at-all-costs.  In fact, some of our biggest competitors are our best friends and colleagues.
I believe that if all the PR firms in Phoenix came out of a highly-contested, hard-fought new business pitch at the same time, there would be something similar to the NHL’s handshake line.
One can only hope that more industries try to emulate what the NHL has.

Written by
at May 2, 2017

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