Getting the RIGHT Work Done – Part Three

Earlier this month, as part of the HMA Book Club, I presented my thoughts on The Harvard Business Review’s Guide to Getting the Right Work Done.
The thing is – I learned too much for simply one blog post!
So, here are some additional nuggets of wisdom I gleaned from the book. (Parts One and Two are  here if you missed them) as they relate to getting paid, getting promoted and getting love from the bosses.

  • Demonstrate value – but not in your terms. Determine what the senior management considers the most valuable and set your focus there.
  • Don’t let what senior management considers valuable fall through the cracks.
  • Rather than asking for a raise, ask what additional value you can bring to the organization in a formal manner throughout the year as well as benchmarks on if that value is being provided as outlined.
  • Think like a shareholder in the company, not an employee.
  • Working with and for people takes time.
  • Come from a place of NO.
  • When approached for a task, ask yourself:
    • Am I the right person? If not, who is?
    • Is this the right time? If not now, when specifically?
    • Do I have enough information? If not, how can I best get it?
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at Sep 19, 2013

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