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Summer is upon us! You know what that means: drinks by the pool, time to work on the perfect golden tan and overwhelming Arizona heat. As a native Phoenician, I’m not true to my roots in absolutely dreading the heat, but this time of year also brings along a slew of fun times and memorable nights.

In order to welcome the change of season, it must first be met by the summer solstice, which takes place on June 21 this year. To help me overcome my fear of the summer sun, I’m facing it head on.

Here are fun facts about the summer solstice – the official start to summer:

  • What exactly is the summer solstice? It’s all about the sun and the earth. The actual day of this solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is the day that the North Pole is tilted closest to the sun, and that date ranges every year from June 20 – 22.
  • The June solstice brings different seasons across the globe. In the Northern Hemisphere, it signifies summer, while bringing winter to the southern hemisphere. The days of the summer and winter solstices are also known as the longest and shortest days of the year respectively, because of how long the sun stays in the sky.
  • The name comes from the fact that the sun appears to stand still – because the earth is tilted closer to the sun and it appears to stays right at the top of the sky during the solstice. The word’s roots – coming from Latin words “sol” and “sistere” – literally mean “sun” and “stand still.”
  • The summer solstice has been celebrated with bonfires for hundreds of years – a 2016 celebration in Ålesund, Norway even set the world record for the tallest bonfire at 155.5 feet!
  • Every year, thousands of people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate the solstices. Why? People have long believed that Stonehenge was the site of ancient druid solstice celebrations because of how the sun lines up with the stones. There’s no proven connection, but thousands of people flock to the landmark every year to watch the sun rise.
Annelise Krafft
Annelise Krafft
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