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October 10, 2019
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We are a little over a week into the month of October, and that means that Halloween will be here before we know it. It is only fair that we kick off our first #FunFactFriday of the month with some facts about Halloween.

  1. Candy Corn was invented by in the 1800s by George Renninger. Since corn was typically used to feed livestock back then it was originally named “chicken feed.”
  2. Even though it is common to see decorations showing a witch flying across a full moon, it is rare for a full moon to occur on Halloween night. The last full moon was in 2001 and the next full moon on Halloween isn’t until 2020.
  3. During WWII, the popularity of trick-or-treating died because of the rationing on sugar. Once rationing ended, the “Peanuts” comic strip helped re-popularize trick-or-treating.
  4. According to the National Retail Federation, Halloween spending is expected to reach $8.8 billion.
  5. Arizona’s top Halloween candy for 2019 is Hot Tamales beating out Snickers from last year’s top spot.

With Hot Tamales being one of my many guilty pleasures, I’d like to think that I played a role in Hot Tamales being Arizona’s top Halloween candy this year.

Check out last year’s Halloween #FunFactFriday for more Halloween history.

Autumn Jarrett
Autumn Jarrett
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