Do You Have The Five Key Traits of a Top PR Pro?

Top PR ProsYesterday, I came across a blog post, 5 key traits of top PR pros, by Tim O’Brien and posted on PR Daily.  I enjoy reading “lists” that pertain to me or my industry so this was a must read!
O’ Brien stated that the key traits are:

  1. They listen.
  2. Their vision gives context for decision-making and communication.
  3. They distill complex thoughts into accessible messages.
  4. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of traditional and digital media.
  5. They know when to communicate (and when to stay quiet).

While I think the five traits that O’Brien mentioned are key, there are a few others that are missing from this list, including:

  • They are able to work well with others
  • They are organized
  • They are flexible
  • They are friendly

Now I want to hear from you! Are there any other traits that you think PR pros must have?

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at Sep 14, 2017

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