How to Find Inspiration While Writing

Have you ever started writing a story and felt uninspired? Even if your idea for the story is interesting, the words may not always come out the way you want on paper. And instead of becoming inspired to write, you get bogged down by the deadline.

Whether you are writing a thought-leadership article, content for a newsletter or a blog post, there are ways to kickstart your brain to come up with creative and persuasive content. If you lack inspiration, here are a few ways you can make writing more fun:

  1. Using new vocabulary

If you’re like me, you might Google any words you don’t know the meaning of while you are reading. Taking note of those new words, try using them in your own copy. It is one of the best ways to expand your own vocabulary and can be fun to challenge yourself to use these news words.

  1. Make it a fun game

Writing when you don’t feel inspired isn’t fun. So make it fun! Give yourself a challenge when writing content to help you feel more inspired. If you are writing a blog post, challenge yourself to include those all-important SEO keywords at least five times in your post. Or try using a different literary device in each paragraph. Coming up with your own challenges can help you feel more inspired.

  1. Learn something new

PR pros are masters of their own trade and jacks of virtually every other trade. Working with varied clients gives us the opportunity to learn a lot about new industries but it can still be a challenge to understand enough to write content. Even if you have all the information needed from the client, learn more about the industry by watching YouTube videos or playing podcasts in the background. You may be able to pick up on industry ideas and jargon that you can also use.



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at Oct 20, 2021

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