Fake Reviews Could Cost You

It is a fairly common practice for businesses to ask its customers to post a review on one of the many review sites.  You, of course, hope the review will be a positive one, but there is always a chance that the customer’s experience is less than perfect, and that review may post as well.

I’ve talked before about the impact of negative reviews on social and why I won’t ever slam your business online.

Now, according to the Associated Press:

Federal regulators say they are cracking down on “an explosion” of businesses’ use of fake reviews and other misleading messages to promote their products and services on social media. The Federal Trade Commission said it has warned hundreds of major corporations and smaller businesses that they could face fines if they use bogus endorsements to deceive consumers.

So, rather than risk a bad review, businesses are instead posting their own, what we can assume are positive reviews, instead.  The regulators say this is deceptive and misleading and if/when caught, the business will be fined.

Everyday, consumers of content must make the determination of what is true and objective vs what is opinion and subjective.  Add the proliferation of fake news and it can be very difficult for consumers to know what to believe.

Opinions are just that – someone else’s ideas about something. There have always been critics and reviewers whose opinions differ from mine.  That’s fine, I take them under consideration and still make up my own mind. There should always been a place for honest feedback.

A business shouldn’t resort to publishing their own good reviews. It’s a risk not worth taking.

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at Oct 21, 2021

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