Everyone Loves a Parade

Special events can be key to an organization’s success, especially if all the communications boxes are checked.  These include media relations, contingency and crisis planning, community relations and the actual staging of the event.

Parades are events that draw the public together, typically in joyous fashion!  They can be a huge PR success in celebrating our heroes, holidays and accomplishments.

Think of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Chicago’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Large or small, they are important for communities across the globe.

Here we’ve got the annual Fiesta Bowl Parade and the Veteran’s Day Parade, as well as the Parada del Sol, to name a few.  There used to be an annual Rodeo of Rodeos parade, too.

We’ve had one-time parades for the 2001 World Series champion Arizona Diamondbacks and even a parade for the 1993 Phoenix Suns, who lost in the NBA finals.  Both were epic.

Maybe there’s a parade coming to a city near you soon.  I hope so.  Maybe to celebrate a championship this time.

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at Jul 6, 2021

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