Why You Should Enter Industry Award Programs

AwardIndustry awards are a great way to demonstrate to clients how good the work is that you do for them.  It also provides a forum to show off for prospects, as well.
Typically judged by your peers, the public relations industry awards recognize outstanding communications strategies, tactics and results in a broad array of categories.  The organizations that sponsor such awards programs use them to generate revenue while showcasing the excellence of their own membership.
The Public Relations Society of America has a national awards program, with its Silver and Bronze Anvil Awards.
Many of the local PRSA chapters have awards programs of their own.  In Phoenix, we have the Copper Anvil Awards.   In Tucson, they have the Impact Awards. I checked with our Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) partners across the continent to find out what their local PRSA chapters had to offer in the way of annual awards.  It should be noted that the PRGN also has its own awards program.

PRSA Chapter Awards

Atlanta – Phoenix Awards
Boston – no local awards program
Chicago – Skyline Awards
Cleveland – Rocks Awards
Dallas – Pegasus Awards
Detroit – no local awards program
Hawaii – Koa Anvil Awards
Los Angeles – Prism Awards
Miami – no local awards program
Minneapolis – Classics Awards
Nashville – Parthenon Awards.
New York – Big Apple Awards
North Carolina – InSpire Awards
Philadelphia – Pepperpot Awards
Phoenix – Copper Anvil Awards
San Francisco – no local awards program
Seattle – Totem Awards
Toronto – Ace Awards (Canadian Public Relations Society)
Washington, D.C. – Thoth Awards
This is not like youth soccer.  You do not get an award just for showing up.

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at Mar 20, 2018

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