Emojis in PR

The latest update of emojis is set to be approved in September and the lineup includes a jellyfish, a donkey, maracas, a flute, the long-awaited pink heart emoji and more. Since emojis were first introduced in online chat rooms in 1999, they have exploded in popularity with over 3,000 available to use today. Do emojis have a place in your next PR campaign or communication tool?

Consider Your Audience

If you are on the fence about using an emoji in your content, visuals or other forms of communication, you must first look at the audience you are targeting. If you are communicating exclusively to an older demographic, it’s likely that emojis do not have a place in what you share. No one knows your audience more than you, so use your best judgement when deciding.

Be sure to consider your message too. If you are discussing a serious topic that requires clear and concise communication, then it’s best to leave the emojis out.

Words Come First

If you are planning to include an emoji in your communication, it’s important to focus on your copy beforehand. Emojis can be a great addition to your words but be sure to use them in a way that amplifies your message rather than telling it on its own.

Plan to use emojis to complement your words, not replace them all together.

Look for Inspiration

As emojis roll out more often, there will be more opportunities to find a place for them in your communications strategies. Check out your favorite brand’s social media pages to get inspired on how you can incorporate emojis into your content.

Start Small

Emojis don’t need to be included in all your news releases, blog posts and more. Start small by adding them to social posts to break up longer pieces of texts or inserting them into your online bios to make your profile visually pop.

Emojis are a great way to show off your creative side while still spreading your intended message. Need help jumpstarting your latest PR campaign or sharing your story? Contact us!  📞

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at Jul 27, 2022

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