When Facebook Wins

emergencies and social mediaThe summertime forest fires in Arizona are always scary and sad.  Even more so when you have friends and family who are directly impacted.
The Goodwin Fire near Prescott was one of those instances.
Residents of Potato Patch, Walker and Breezy Pines were among those who were evacuated from their homes and cabins.  We have friends and family in each of those mountain communities who have either cabins or their primary residences there.
With the evacuees scattered among the Red Cross centers or their primary homes outside the fire zone and cell phone service in the mountain communities spotty to begin with, the Potato Patch and Walker Bulletin Board on Facebook is where neighbors, friends and family turned to for up-to-the-minute information about the fire.
In the end, all three of those communities were spared due to the heroic work of nearly 2,000 firefighters.  Natural disasters like this can bring tight communities, like these in the Bradshaw Mountains south of Prescott, even closer.  Thanks Facebook for letting that happen.

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at Jul 5, 2017

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