Learning to embrace technology

For most of us, using technology in some form is part of our daily life.  Checking email, sharing on social media, making a purchase online or paying bills.  In the workplace, having and using technology in some fashion is a given.

But as a result of COVID-19, the use of technology has become an absolute necessity and for some, in ways we’re not used to.

My dad has always been pretty tech-savvy.  He is active on Facebook, regularly accesses the public library to download books, and utilizes email and text messages to stay in touch.  My mom will take control of the iPad a few hours each day to scroll through Facebook or play word games online. But in recent weeks, they have become quite adept at using Zoom and GoToMeeting and during last night’s Passover Seder finally launched Facetime.

My sister is a physical education teacher.  With her days spent outside with the kids, getting online a couple times a day is necessary but typically just to input grades and respond to parent emails.  She can go days without looking at Facebook.  Now she is proficient in Google classrooms as schools are closed and all teachers are now using online technologies to teach the kids.

The class I teach at Phoenix College is social media for small business.  As a result of the campus closure, all classes moved online. Wednesday night was our first class through GoToMeeting.  We’ll finish up the semester this way.

Since we started working from home (March 17), I’ve had at least six-to-eight conference calls a week, two –to-three video chats per day on GoToMeeting, Zoom and Skype, used Venmo to buy lunch for the team, downloaded What’s App to connect with friends, moved to a new online timekeeping system, recorded three podcasts, bought groceries and office supplies online and cancelled hotel reservations. That’s not counting the day-to-day things like email, social media for clients, personal social media, text messages and phone calls, catching up on the shows in the DVR queue, on Netflix and Hulu, and downloading and reading books on the Kindle.

Yes, technology is a part of our daily lives.  And given the current circumstances, I’m quite grateful for it.

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at Apr 10, 2020

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