Elements for Your Email Newsletter

Whether shared internally or externally, newsletters are a great way to cover the essential news on what is happening within an organization while building engagement and a loyal base of contacts.

Strategy and great content have made newsletters from Axios and AZ Central a big hit in my inbox as they break down the local and national news of the day in a fun way. You can employ elements in your own newsletter that will create more readability and keep your subscriber list consistently engaged over time.

One big consideration is content. Be sure to share a variety of content including company updates and employee spotlights, in addition, also consider what’s happening in your industry beyond the workplace. And you don’t have to overwhelm readers with content — share just a few featured stories in each edition. Use clear and concise language that readers can quickly read while still comprehending.

Also ask yourself how your company and its individuals can demonstrate themselves as thought leaders on a trending topic. Encourage sharing their unique perspectives and using their expertise to provide insights in a blog post or opinion piece. Also consider sharing articles that align with your readership and are supportive of the work that you do.

Daily, weekly, or monthly, however often you choose to publish your newsletter, it should be shared consistently to maintain a schedule for readers to abide by.

Don’t forget to include your company’s recent media coverage or standout social media posts in your newsletter. These can help you get the most return out of your content. And as always, make sure your newsletter is mobile-friendly and displays clearly on all devices to boost readability.

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at Dec 6, 2023

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