Effective Proactive Communications

Austin Airport (courtesy: Sandy L. Stevens/Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)

HMA Public Relations recently completed a successful proactive communications project for a land developer.  We held a public town hall-type event in which relevant information from industry experts, including an economist, economic development executive, land-planning architect and the developer was shared.  The client understands how important it is to be ahead of the curve when it comes to public sentiment rather than being in a reactive, trying-to-dig-out-of-a-hole mode.
Here’s another example of leading the conversation – although a much different forum.
A recent business trip took me through the Austin- (Texas) Bergstrom International Airport, where a massive construction project is underway that will add nine gates.  Four temporary jet bridges and elevated walkways have been added to the Barbara Jordan Terminal to keep passengers safe and out of the construction zones.  One of them is 720 feet long!  To put that into perspective, a football field is 300 feet long.
To make the otherwise gray corridors more pleasurable, 104 posters have been placed in the long, temporary tunnel-like walkways to create a more pleasant ambience for passengers.
The vibe of the posters simulates fans that cheer and line marathon courses.   They address the obvious long, long walk with some humor and acknowledgement, almost partnering with the incoming passengers on their long, long pedestrian journey.
Some of the posters’ slogans: 
Hope You Charged Your Fitbit!    
By now… wish you checked that bag     
You are 2 Legit 2 Quit 
There’s light beer at the end of this tunnel
Tap here for more power!
We love your endurance
Where’s everybody going?
You’ve got stamina
The End is Not Near
Do you get Frequent Flyer Miles for this?
Austin weird begins and ends here
No doubt, creative, laser-targeted messaging  can go a long, long way in helping an organization connect with its public.

Austin Airport (courtesy: Sandy L. Stevens/Austin-Bergstrom International Airport)
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at Nov 7, 2018

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