Does A Media Clip = Success?

Monitoring the media is an essential part of any media relations practitioner’s daily routine. Not only are we looking for mentions of our clients but we’re getting to know the various outlets and reporters/editors that we will be working with.

Tracking and gathering media mentions gives us tangible proof that a story that we’ve been pitching actually appears in the media. But does having a media clip demonstrate our success? Partially.

When I first started in public relations, monitoring the media for placements was one of the first things I was taught. Having a media clip demonstrates we got the story, which is the first breakthrough to the public. However, what is more demonstrative of whether the story is deemed “successful” is whether the key messages are shared.

A good example is my recent work with a client who is rebranding their organization, adopting a new tagline, logo, and overall visual aesthetic but keeping their core values the same. The key messaging here is the reason for the rebrand and why it’s appealing to the outlet/reporter I’m pitching.

I pitched this story to media editors and reporters who I felt would be receptive, meaning they typically cover that industry, the location surrounding the organization, they share a similar audience as the organization, etc. We offered one print reporter an exclusive story giving the publication the first opportunity to share the news regarding the rebrand.

The reporter was receptive to the story and an interview was scheduled with the client.

Once the rebrand was made public, this opened the opportunity to reach out to other media outlets including print and radio offering our client another opportunity to share this important news.

So although having a media clip is proof the story ran, the real success of the pitching is in the content and tone of the story. A media clip alone does not necessarily demonstrate our success–other key performance indicators must be present as well.

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at May 17, 2023

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