Do You Lead With Your #HeartFirst? Part Three

Throughout April, our team has collectively been reading Heart First for Emerging Leaders, which inspired this blog post. This one, too!

As we finish the book, we wanted to provide a few final nuggets of wisdom gleaned from its pages:

  • In times of great change, it is important to find and spotlight some things that are familiar and not changing, which can provide stability and anchor the team.
  • Tough conversations are perfect times to set a positive example as a leader. Be self-aware of how you are coming across and what is happening internally (and all over your face) to ensure your non-verbal verbal communications match.
  • When dealing with introverted or hard-to-reach employees – especially in a remote or hybrid office setting, communicate predictably so they can feel prepared; respond quickly when they proactively reach out; and appreciate in small ways frequently. “Wow” and “thank you” go a long way.
  • Use face-to-face meetings to demonstrate importance, enhance your credibility and trust, gather feedback in real time, and build relationships.
  • No matter the method of communication, employees tend to tune out if too formal or insincere.
  • Repetition is key. Follow-up any communication with materials to help your audience retain the information.
  • Authenticity is not a skill, but effectively communicating is one. To be truly authentic, you have to develop effective communication skills.
  • To authentically communicate, you have to know yourself, be your best self, and have quiet courage.
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at Apr 18, 2024

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