Do You Have a Press Page?

If you are a brand or business, chances are you are interested in receiving positive press attention and getting your business in the news. With news moving so fast, many reporters will consult your website to gain more information on your business, read updates on what’s new and more. This is where a press page comes in.

A press page or newsroom is a one-stop shop for journalists to find what they need for a story such as news releases, links to news coverage and the contact information for your press team.

If you are looking to take it a step further for journalists and provide more content, which is always a great idea, consider offering a media kit with headshots, bios, product images and logos.

Once you have your page created, it’s essential to keep it updated with your latest news mentions and releases. In addition to giving the latest details to journalists, customers and other site visitors, regularly updating your page and directing visitors to it will help boost your SEO and get you higher than your competitors on the search results page.

Some companies that are successfully blending their brand into their press page while offering useful and up to date information and materials include Snapchat and Microsoft. While your brand may not be as big as these, you don’t need all the bells and whistles to have an effective page. As long as your press page is easily accessible, contains the necessary information and is updated regularly, you are good to go.

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at Jun 29, 2022

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