Is Social Media a Blessing or Curse for Corporate Communications?

Someone posed the question the other day on Twitter —  are you really a business if you don’t engage on social media?  Good question. Social media connects us with the world at large. Social media has the ability to replace email. Social media for many may be their only source for news. And it is no doubt a worthwhile tool for businesses who want to engage with their customers and potential customers.

Or is it?

There is not a day that goes by that an ill-timed Tweet or an insensitive Instagram post sends a business’ social media team into overdrive, requiring them to apologize, rephrase or re-do in-order to take back control of the narrative. For any business using social media, it is critical to do everything you can to make sure that the right message is delivered to the right audience, and for the right reasons at the right time.  And it will be a matter of minutes before you find out that that wasn’t the case.

So, is social media blessing or a curse for business?

When used correctly, the benefits of social media far outweigh the downfalls. Social media platforms are among the best ways to engage with your audience, spur others to action and connect with others that share similar interests.  It can be a powerful tool for connectivity, education, advocacy and community building.

More and more, businesses who regularly and consistently engage on social media find that it helps build and maintain brand loyalty. A brand that is relatable and has the human element is seen as trustworthy. And trust is essential for building relationships.

And as you consider your social media strategy, recognize that not all social media platforms are the right platform for your business. Trying to be in all places at all times can be overwhelming and may just dilute your efforts altogether.

Stay active only on the accounts that give you the best return on your time and effort.

Are you a business if you don’t engage on social media?  Of course you are, but knowing that your customers and potential customers are there, wouldn’t you want to be there too?

This week’s episode of Copper State of Mind discusses social media for business and why it is a good idea to consider it as valuable part of your communications strategy.  Give it a listen.


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at May 26, 2021

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