Creating Content to Gain More Coverage

Content marketing is just one of the many facets that make up a successful and strategic communications plan. Whether it is through e-newsletters, webinars or infographics, there are many ways a business can share its story.

So how do businesses create content to promote their business? Some successful businesses hire a PR agency like HMA Public Relations and others keep a communications expert on staff. And many times, these people work together to promote the business.

In “The New Rules of Marketing and PR,” author David Meerman Scott says that no matter how you get your business in the news, it always starts with good content. Creating content for your business isn’t about who you are, what your company does or even about the products you offer. If it was, most of the news we watch, read and listen to would be one big advertisement.

Content creation is more strategic than that. It is about getting to know your audience and its needs and offering solutions to common problems that arise. For example, if you own a car dealership, you are the expert on cars and may have helpful information to share about preparing your car for a road trip or keeping you and your car cool during the summer. It would be more helpful to see an article authored by a director at the dealership of things to do, instead of listing the features of your car.

This type of content can be repurposed to gain as much coverage as possible. In addition to sending this type of content to the media, you can turn it into a blog post for your website and even a video for your social media and e-newsletters.

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at Mar 9, 2021

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