COVID-19 Marketing

When the WHO declared COVID-19 as a pandemic in early March, radio and TV advertisements began to sound insincere to the current times. The ads that were playing were out of place showing large public gatherings and social events. Many companies quickly turned around new advertisements to enforce #stayathome orders and to give thanks to frontline workers.

For today’s #FunFactFriday, we’re highlighting positive COVID-19 campaigns that strive to be more than a commercial.

Verizon Wireless
In order to help small businesses, Verizon Wireless has a weekly livestream on social media to educate people on different ways to support local businesses in their communities. On top of this, Verizon is also offering relief to affected businesses by reducing its rates.

Prior to the outbreak, McDonald’s was promoting the “juicy” Quarter Pounder. Now, the fast-food chain is focusing efforts on supporting healthcare workers by offering a free Thank You meal any time of day.

Campbell’s Soup
This cult-classic company is promoting social distancing and the use of technology to stay connected in its new commercial. It features families eating dinner together and spending time with loved ones by using video conferencing.
What COVID-19 commercials have you seen that promote more than just a product?

Image by Mojzagrebinfo on Pixabay
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at May 1, 2020

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