Communications Remains Front and Center in the Workplace

The saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same.  And one place where that adage plays out each and every day is in the workplace.  The workplace has definitely changed over the past 24 months. Now terms like hybrid work environment, dispersed workforce and deskless workers are part of our everyday conversations with our clients and HR teams.

But what is also at the top of list is the importance of communications and its impact on the workplace.  Whether your employees come to a physical location or log-in from the comfort of their own homes, how we manage internal communications will make all the difference in establishing and maintaining office culture, happy employees and satisfied clients.

Ragan Communications just released its executive summary of its Communications Benchmark survey. The annual survey asked nearly 1,000 communicators across industries about how they’re handling the biggest opportunities and challenges. Among the findings, in addition to workplace communications, is investing in training and technology, emphasizing the importance of DE&I and ESG initiatives, and how communications are (and should) measure success.

With this information in mind, Adrian and I spent some time chatting about this on this week’s episode of Copper State of Mind.  We even shared our opinions of cameras on or off during video calls.  Take a listen.


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at Apr 27, 2022

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